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Electrical regulations in a foreign country can be complex to understand. We will explain things in your language and make sure that your existing equipment from your home country is compatible with the French system and safe to use.

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■ Addition of extra sockets and lights to existing systems
■ Automated time management systems
■ Conformity inspections
■ Door entry systems and videophones
■ Electric gates
■ Electrical installations for new construction projects
■ Fault detection of problems such as 'dead' sockets, flickering lights, 'nuisance' tripping of circuit breakers
■ Remote control of electrical appliances
■ Renovations
■ Rewiring
■ Telephone extensions and PC cabling


■ Atmospheric lighting for villas and yachts
■ Artistic garden lighting to enhance summer evenings
■ Suppliers of Lutron System atmospheric lighting. Pre-programmed lighting arrangements such as “cocktail” for exactly the right atmosphere at a cocktail party or “late evening” lighting for brandy and cigars. A flick of a switch creates this change of mood.