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Just how safe are you and your family? We offer a FREE comprehensive security assessment of your property.
Surprisingly, most crimes occur when you are at home: car theft is common and thieves break in to unobserved, unoccupied rooms.

Our aim is to make sure that intruders are prevented from entering your property.
Foreign control panels for setting intruder alarms can be confusing and unfamiliar. We supply a range of European and American equipment so that you are familiar with the system. A home from home. 
■ We install the latest security lighting systems
■ Monitor activity outside your home with sophisticated CCTV
■ Our exterior detection system alerts you well before an intruder can enter your house. This is an excellent deterrent system
■ Automatically check telephone wires. An alarm sounds if they are tampered with
■ We can recommend a partner company to supply security personnel who respond if an alarm is set off. Alternatively, we will happily work with your existing company
Staff management and caller screening
■ Vet all callers with our door entry systems with keypad access
■ Personalised badges for personnel
■ Allows you to monitor hours worked by logging times staff enter and leave premises